Welcome to Lo Conte’s Italian Restaurant !

Gracious. Warm. Welcoming.

Lo Conte’s Restaurant is located at 114-116 Salem St in the heart of Boston’s historic North End.

We invite you to join us for a pleasing and satisfying dining experience.

We feature a whole selection of traditional Italian dishes, carefully prepared, generously portioned and attentively served.

Authentic Italian Cuisine

Lo Conte'sTry anything with Lo Conte’s pesto sauce–it explodes with fresh basil in a light garlicky base. Artichoke orata, a sizable appetizer of fried artichoke hearts dusted with lemon juice, is zesty and crunchy. Stuffed veal bracciolettini succulent combines veal with prosciutto, mushrooms, peppers and mozzarella in a bold white wine sauce and arrives with a huge side of ziti. Cheese tortellini pesto is studded with roasted pine nuts. Appetizers, salads and especially entrees are enormous.